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The Dannemora mine is sold

The limited company Grundstenen has bought the Dannemora mine, an Iron Ore mine located in Uppsala county in Sweden.

Grundstenen in owned by Per Berglund who previously is known for introducing béarnaise sauce in Argentina. He has no previous experience in the mining industry but his plan is to bring in competent people.

"I had no experience when I set out to start a bank, or when I started a wine company, or when I was in Africa and started a telecom business, or when I was in South America and started a béarnaise food business. I have never had previous experience, but I have to surround myself with talented people on site. That's what I've always done, and that's what I'll do now too", Per Berglund says when talking about his plans for the mine.

Per is planning on investing in other businesses, in addition to the mine. "It could be anything from a storage location, logistics center and pellets. We have 41 kilometers of railway down to the port", Per says.


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