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The men behind the billion-dollar deals

Per Berglund and Max Donatello began their joint professional journey with a béarnaise sauce factory in Argentina in 2011 and today they jointly run EB Invest, which has 27 companies in the portfolio.

The first time Max and Per met, Max was 19 years old and started working with Per at Söderberg & Partners and quickly proved himself as a good salesman. Just one year later, they moved to Argentina to take on the challenge of introducing béarnaise sauce to the other side of the world. “That business is among the most fun we've done. We made an impression on the other side of the world," says Max. Now Per and Max have 27 different companies in their portfolio and for many there is no common thread in their investments, but for both Per and Max there is something in common with all of these companies. "If you look at the portfolio with square glasses, it can certainly look quite spread out, but we are somewhat industry-agnostic. This means that we invest in meetings that lead to people, their driving forces and entrepreneurship. And when you work like that, and get to know the entrepreneur behind a project, the risk is not very big for us," explains Per. Read the full article at Dagens PS here


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