We use our own processes and networks to build market-leading companies from scratch. No company is built with no people in or behind it. Our greatest offer to a seasoned or fresh entrepreneur is what we call "incubation". Where we partake in the journey with active advisory and network access. 

In the Boxing Ring


The majority of our portfolio holdings are companies which we either co-founded or was the first or amongst the very first investors. We don't necessarily turn down later stage investments by default but what makes us tick is where the entrepreneur or business can benefit from our added value early on. 

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A pitchdeck only containing details about the idea, business opportunity and forecasts can sometimes be irrelevant if its unclear who is behind it. Who is the entrepreneur and whats the driving factor. Why is he/she/them the person or team to execute this. What's their history, what molded them. 

Often we find talent first and the idea that suites them second. 


When you step into a new meeting, you never know where it will lead to in the long run and we who work at EB Invest all have one thing in common; it all started with one particular meeting, which then paved te way for where we are today. 

When we evaluate whether we should get involved in new projects or companies we often look at the team and people more closely than the product. A funtioning team or an entrepreneur with good values and strong drive force is more important for us than an idea or product being the best of its kind. 

It is in our nature as entrepreneurs and investors to strive for clear financial goals. But even with result focus, it is important for us to always follow our code that says that: The way towards the goal is just as important as the goal itself. We believe in humbleness, respect and true long term mindset. A shortcut to success today may just as well be the first step in the wrong direction. The big scope of things and long term horizon triumps being king for a day. 

We are driven by watching people develop their best potentials. Sometimes pressure can make form a diamond, sometimes pressure can make a bridge collapse. To avoid the latter and to reach the first we believe in the power of dialogue and conversation. Follow-ups, check-ins. 

Listen, think aloud and dare to ask. We want to build loyal bonds with our partners, which lasts over an entire professional life.